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The Days of the Fight

On 29th January 2011, the Egyptian people met togheter in Tahrir Square to protest against Mubarak's regime. Is a peaceful protest,but the police's response is merciless, internet and mobile network are cut off. The crowd was progressively sure to free Egypt from a thirty-year dictatorship. Tahrir Square was the symbol of freedom and struggle, a home for rebellious people, and the place where the clashes between oppositors and supporters of Mubarak's regime take place. Meanwhile the city fell into chaos, Tahrir Square was the theatre of the stones's war, snipers shot on the crowd. I was sheltered behind a truck to avoid the hail of stones when a rebel approached to me and, holding my shoulder, he told me: "Welcome to Egypt!". They were the days of the riot, of sacrifice. The days when Egyptian people were been ready to die on the street rather than be submitted to the regime.