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The Concordia Show

[Honorable Mention International Photo Award 2012.Selected by Foto8 Summershow 2012. Finalist in Leica Talent 2012]. The ship Costa Concordia partially sank on the 13th January 2012 after hitting a reef and run aground at Isola del Giglio, requiring evacuation of the 4,252 people. Thirty people died; one body never found and 64 others were injured. Three persons rescued in the days after. Captain Schettino deviated from the ship's route to treat people to the spectacle near-shore salute. He waited for more than 70 minutes, declaring electrical problems, before evacuate the ship. He left his ship among the first, without launching s.o.s. Networks from all the world were on that little island and that big ship, lying on its side, became a huge, unbelievable scenery. A work on the case Concordia looking for a different point of view: not images about the disaster, but images about our contemporary "Société du Spectacle" with the "media and tourist circus" on Giglio Island. A work that want to highlight the cynical and cold side of the news, that want to tell a different aspect of the tragedy. Images that assume the role of "psychosocial mirror". I really understand that, working hard and fast between tragedies, can make some journalist cold and aloof. I think that tourism, however, stems from a desire to "be there" *, the desire to be in the same news that relatives and friends can see on TV. A desire that perhaps conceals a real mania of mass-protagonism. Nevertheless, locals have to live their island as always. Dramatic images that sometimes tear a bitter smile. The ship in the background that, despite what we see in the foreground, reminds us of the objectivity of the facts.