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[Honorable Mention Deeper Perspective category and Photo Essay-Photo Story category at International Photo Award 2012] The Kanun is the collection of the customary laws of the people of the eagles encoded by Lek Dukajini around 1400, in this is enclosed the initiation of the Albanian national sentiment. Hakmarria, Gjakmarrie: revenge, blood-feud. Originally, the feud between fis (clans) not spring from mere feeling of revenge. Was created to punish a person who had dishonored the Clan, the Families which did not keep his word, by a feeling of shame and duty towards the other members of society and the flag. Revenge is inherited to defend the honor. The Kanun is not in use anymore, but the revenge is inherited. The disgrace is extinguished with the blood or forgiving, after having lived by prisoners. Zef Vladaj descendant of Lek has founded a mission for reconciliation between the families. I documented some of them locked in the house for a decade and young fugitives in the mountains. I documented the 'act of forgiveness, the end of a 14-year feud. A project to tell the history of a people who is very close, not just geographically. Different from 'collective imagination, which would enter the EU. Gianluca Panella